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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> great learning experience with aptechvisa

sandeep-patre :  New Delhi Posted on : Fri, Jul 05 2019


AptechVisa has given me the best moment of life by helping me in receiving Canada PR. My happiness had no bounds when I got permanent residency of Canada. All the credit undoubtedly goes to AptechVisa.

I was in Australia all through this time and the initial stages of the process were handled by my mother and sister. They are in Delhi and hence, communicating with the AptechVisa experts for them was easy. Being concerned family members, they were more inquisitive to know about the immigration process and the outcome. On my behalf, my sister took technical evaluation and when the report came positive, I came into limelight and was the point of contact for the case officers.

I always dreamt of settling in Canada one day, although, I was happy in Australia as I studied there and was on a work permit for one year. The kind of life Canada offers is surely amazing and friendly. There were some issues with Australian work points but that was solved by the experts of AptechVisa. There was not a single day when the case manager did not motivated to keep calm as everything will be good. My CRS score also got a boost when I enrolled with them because they suggested me the ways of improving the point score.

Thank You to the entire team of AptechVisa for being the best visa and immigration consultant for Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

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