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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Which visa is better: Skilled Visa 189 or 190?

aptechvisaaus :  Punjab Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020


Which visa should i select to migrate to Australia?

NehaDixit Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020


“Which visa is better, Skilled Visa 189 or 190?” is one of the most common questions that trigger the minds of the aspiring immigrants who are looking forward for Australia Immigration. Well, both 189 and 190 visas are the sub visa categories of the General skilled migration pathway. Both of them are a permanent residency visa which allows aspirants to live in Australia for a period of 5 years.

Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 is a permanent residency point-tested stream that allows the potential immigrants to live, study and work anywhere in Australia for an indefinite time period. It doesn’t require you to secure any nomination or sponsorship from any state or territory. The current point requirement to apply for the 189 visa is 90-95 points as per the current round of invitation.

On the other hand, 190 visas is a skilled nominated visa which is also a permanent residency point-tested visa. There is one condition for this visa that you have to live and work in the designated Australian state for a period of 2 years if you want to enjoy the benefit of working anywhere in Australia. Well, the current points requirement as per the latest round of invitation is somewhere around 75-80.

So, choosing the right visa category is solely your decision. 189 and 190 visa, both will help you obtain the status of Australia’s permanent resident without any fuss.

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