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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> What is the procedure to apply for Australia PR from India?

aptechvisaaus :  Delhi Posted on : Fri, Dec 04 2020


What is the procedure to apply for Australia PR Visa?

NehaDixit Posted on : Fri, Dec 04 2020

Australia PR Visa

Applying for an Australia PR Visa from India requires you to follow a step-by-step procedure. Following a step-by-approach will ensure that you navigate trouble-free through the entire Australia Immigration process. So, if you want to immigrate to Australia, follow a step-by-step process so that you can reach your ultimate goal of getting Australian PR without any hitch.
• The first step is to determine your eligibility and make sure if you have 65 points in the calculator or not. These 65 points are evaluated on the basis of certain parameters such as age, language proficiency, work experience, level of education and many more.
• The second step is to apply for the skills assessment from a relevant assessing authority. Make sure that you get a positive skills assessment report that will make you eligible to enter the online skill select system.
• Post successful assessment of your education and work experience, you can apply for the online skill select and can enter the pool hassle-free
• Now, based on your points, you will be given an Invitation to apply for Australia PR from DHA (Department of Home Affairs). Well, 65 points is a minimum requirement, however, it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to apply for Australian PR. So, it’s always advisable to score more than that if you want to move to Australia in the coming year.
• Post receiving an invitation; apply with DIBP for the final stage of the immigration process. To do so, you have 60-days-time duration. So, plan accordingly.
• The last step is to submit your medical clearance certificate and police clearance certificate and your Australian PR Visa will be approved by the DHA.

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