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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> My Ontario Nomination was Refused

AMIT :  Posted on : Thu, Jun 14 2018


All my dreams were crashed when I applied for my Canada PR visa on my own in February 2018 and my visa got rejected due to my own mistakes. I like a lost child visited almost every visa consultancy who after hearing my case gave me fake and false promises of my visa being accepted this time. I was highly disheartened by the promises being offered to me which were not prudent.

Fortunately, my cousin’s friend Ms Megha gave me the reference of Aptech Global; she suggested that I must talk about my problem to the visa experts of Aptech Global. They will surely have solutions to help me with my refusal case. My mind was like a jigsaw puzzle, fully confused about what was happening and the most important question hovers my mind was regarding IRCC membership so, I decided to not proceed further with my application with Aptech Global as they are not IRCC registered.

But, as luck would have it, I got a chance to visit them after meeting Mr Yogesh who after thoroughly studying my case, did not guaranteed like others about my case success but assured me that I should move forward with my case and this time it will be not denied (due to my mistakes). Trusting his dedication towards my case, I decided to precede my case with Aptech Global. Initially, I was hesitant but as the PR process moved, my hesitancy started vanishing. Their efforts and my trust on them lead to my visa application acceptance and now I am successfully living my life in Canada. Through this process, I got to learn a lesson that never run for the consultancy that is IRCC registered, just go for the intention, dedication and honesty that the concerned immigration consultancy provides. I found all three aspects in Aptech Global!

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