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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Is it easy to get a skilled independent visa?

aptechvisaaus :  Kanpur Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020


Is is now easy to get Skilled independent Visa 189?

NehaDixit Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020

Kumar Mehta

Yes, it is easy to get a skilled independent visa subclass 189, only if you meet all the requirements and score maximum points in the Australia PR point’s calculator. The entire game of Australia immigration via taking the 189 visa pathway entirely depends upon your points. The higher the points in the calculator the higher are the chances to receive an invitation from the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to apply for the 189 visa and ultimately obtain the renowned status of Australia’s permanent residency.
Below are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to get the skilled independent visa trouble-free.
• Your occupation must be listed in the MLTSSL (Medium and Long term strategic skills List).
• Your age must be below 45 years
• You must be having a valid EOI (Expression of Interest)
• You must be having a competent level in English language i.e. a minimum of 7 bands in the IELTS language proficiency test. The highest the points in the test, the highest will be your points.
• You must showcase a medical clearance certificate making sure that you are in good health
• You must have a police clearance certificate showing that you have no criminal offences from the past or present
• You must have a minimum of 65 points in the skills assessment test
By meeting the above requirements and by following a step-by-step procedure, getting a skilled independent visa is easy. So, make sure you successfully meet each and every requirement if you want to experience a stress-free journey.

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