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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> I was spell bounded by the professionalism and poise the staff members of Aptech Global possess

Anil :  Posted on : Fri, Jul 20 2018


Honestly, I went to many immigration consultancies to enquire about Australia Immigration process. Some lacked confidence and knowledge about the immigration process while others were too casual. Some of them were good too but I was not comfortable with them for my case. Later, my friend recommended me Aptech Global. At first, I though they will also be the same but my perception completely changed when I visited them and found that they were quite different from other consultancies I have been to. The team was professional, it was looking like I have come to a good immigration office where everyone was busy in their own work, they were working systematically and team also had good communication skills that attracted me the most towards Aptech Global. But, due to my insufficient funds I am not able to apply for Australia PR and thus, have made a promise to myself that as soon as I arrange funds, I will come to Aptech Global to start my case. Hoping for that day to come soon!