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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> How many points are required to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa?

aptechvisaaus :  Punjab Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020


What is the point you need to score to apply for Skilled independent visa 189?

NehaDixit Posted on : Sat, Dec 05 2020

Sapna Singh

In order to apply for the skilled independent visa, having a minimum of 65 points is a must, however, having 65 points doesn’t provide you any guarantee that you will receive an invitation from the DHA or not. So, it’s always advisable to score high points that in turn will help you get hold of a valid invitation. The entire 189 visa is point-based, so keep in mind that the highest the points, the highest are the chances to obtain an invitation to apply for Australia’s permanent residence via taking the 189 pathway.

The points for the 189 visa are calculated on the basis of certain stipulated parameters such as age, language proficiency, and work experience, level of education, state nomination or sponsorship from any employer. Each factor can help you score maximum points that will further ace up the entire game of Australia Immigration. As per the latest round of invitations, the candidates who have got a maximum of 90-95 points are invited to apply for 189 visas. So, it’s always better to score the highest if you want to fulfill your desire of migrating to Australia without any hassle. Calculate Australia PR points!!

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