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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Got my Canada tourist visa within 3 days

Noor Ahmad :  Posted on : Fri, Jun 29 2018


Getting Canada tourist visa was extremely smooth ride for me-all thanks to Aptech Global. I got my tourist visa within 3 days of visa filing. I approached the immigration experts of Aptech Global; they asked me to arrange all the relevant and important documents that must be correct and true. The case manager told me to not produce any false information as I was having some problems in my funds settlement. She advised me to do certain changes and without providing falsified information, I managed to get Canada tourist visa. This incident also made me realize that not all immigration agencies do wrongdoings, some like Aptech Global do exist which follows the principal of filing visa applications with all modesty and honesty.

Aptech Global Posted on : Mon, Jul 23 2018

Aptech Global Immigration Services

Thank You Noor Ahmad, we are glad that you took notice of what we advised.
Wish you all the best!

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