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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Aptech Global saved me form PR rejection

IQBAL :  PUNJAB Posted on : Sat, Jul 28 2018


I would sincerely like to thank and apologise to Aptech Global. Thank you for saving my case with your expertise and in-depth PR filing analysis and sorry for hiding my relationship status that could have let to my Canada PR rejection. I am 38 years old and filed for Express Entry program with the help of Aptech Global. My biggest mistake was that I did not disclosed my marital status as I thought that it would not cause any problem with my Canada PR. Initially, it didn’t matter but when I was asked to file for express entry and my passport documents were asked by the case officers, I gave them the new passport that did not had my spouse name and the case officer again asked me to produce my old passport that held the name of my spouse and I was caught there and then for not telling them. I must appreciate their screening skills and vigilance. They warned me and said that my visa can get cancelled due to this thing and said ‘everything should be accurate and true’ I not only led my case officer down by not telling the truth but also the team. With their proper guidance and documentation support I was able to get my Canada PR.

Aptech Global Posted on : Fri, Aug 03 2018

Aptech Global Immigration Services

Dear Iqbal,
We appreciate that you told truth to us. Thank you for getting associated with Aptech Global. We wish you all the best for your future journey to Canada.

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