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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Aptech Global provided good suggestion to enhance my Canada PR chances

Mubeen :  Posted on : Fri, Jul 06 2018


I always wanted to settle in Canada and ever since, I went to college for my studies, moving to Canada was my dream. The people at Aptech Global surely helped me in fulfilling. When I came to Aptech Global to discuss my Canada PR chances, I only had bachelor degree and 6 months of working experience. They advised me to enhance my work experience and if possible educational qualification as well. I was in dilemmas that will this advice work or not. Trusting them, I decided to upgrade my work experience and came to them after gaining 3 years of working experience. After getting the right credentials, I came back to them for their help once again. To my surprise, I was invited to apply for PR visa within smallest time span. Now, I am about to move to Alberta with my wife. I would suggest my relatives to take assistance from Aptech Global and would surely give them references of the people in my known who wants to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident.

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