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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Aptech Global experts are great service providers!

sandhya-mohan :  Posted on : Sat, Apr 13 2019


My happiness knew no bounds when after a lot of hard work, I finally received my Canada PR and all credit goes to Aptech Global. I came to them when I was not able to score desired IELTS score. Their constant motivation and support helped me in realizing my immigration dream.
I approached Aptech Global after taking IELTS exam and unfortunately did not score the desired IELTS score that could give me direct Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, when I told the experts of Aptech Global they suggested me to get good language score to boost my overall points. Meantime, Educational Credential Assessment was done for my education by them. However, the problem aroused when I told them about considering only one degree instead of two because it was difficult for me to arrange the other degree. In this case, again my case officer suggested to arrange the transcripts otherwise I would not be able to get desired CRS score for direct ITA.
If my one degree is considered I would get CRS 400 that will not give direct ITA. However, two degrees will straightaway increase my CRS chance for direct ITA. Going by their suggestion, I arranged transcripts and ECA body recognized two degrees. Rest the process went really smooth and with good CRS score, I got direct ITA and within 7 months of visa filing, everything was approved.
I would definitely recommend Aptech Global to whoever is planning for immigration journey.