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Aptechvisa reviews and complaints >> Applied for job seeker visa through Aptech Global

Kavita :  Posted on : Thu, Jun 28 2018


I wanted to go on a job visa to Germany and after lot of patience and hard work; I finally got my Germany job seeker visa. While searching for the immigration agency on just dial, I found Aptech Global with 4.5 stars and good reviews. I contacted them for job seeker visa and very nicely the immigration expert explained me the whole process. She told me that I will have 6 month time period to search for a job in Germany. I was confident enough to get job and thus applied for my job seeker visa. I was blindly following the directions of my case officer, sometimes cross questioning them too. She was kind enough to patiently explain my query in detail. I must say that the Aptech Team is very professional with their task.

Aptech Global Posted on : Tue, Jul 24 2018

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Thank You Kavita for sharing your job-seeker visa experience with us!

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