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Aptechvisa >> Aptech overpriced but they surpassed with their services

Lipika    Posted on : Sat, Jul 21 2018

I would give Aptech Global five out of five stars as they are the best in the immigration business owing to the quality of the service that they provide. Although, initially I found their consultation fee overpriced but later when they provided me the facilities like CV drafting, job assistance, post-landing services, documentation filing, and many other important migration services- I started fee...

Aptechvisa >> Low band score got Canada PR for SINP OID

Shishir    Posted on : Fri, Jul 20 2018

I am not good in English and thus lack good communication skills. After 2-3 attempts for IELTS language requirement I was still not able to score decent language score. Every time I got stuck with IELTS 5 bands. Although, I was determined to go to Canada but was also saddened by the low language score, I did not know what to do that time. After searching for the immigration consultancy I found Apt...

Aptechvisa >> I was spell bounded by the professionalism and poise the staff members of Aptech Global possess

Anil    Posted on : Fri, Jul 20 2018

Honestly, I went to many immigration consultancies to enquire about Australia Immigration process. Some lacked confidence and knowledge about the immigration process while others were too casual. Some of them were good too but I was not comfortable with them for my case. Later, my friend recommended me Aptech Global. At first, I though they will also be the same but my perception completely change...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global arrange Transcripts

Bhawna    Posted on : Fri, Jul 20 2018

I am seeking consultation for Canadian Permanent Residence and would like to know whether Aptech Global helps in getting transcripts? Waiting for an answer ASAP!...

Aptechvisa >> At first my Canada PR got rejected, later I received

Priyanka    Posted on : Wed, Jul 18 2018

I am Nepali Citizen, my immigration process with Aptech Global was smooth, understandable and disciplined. Everything went nicely; I got an ITA as well. The things turned upside down when my Canada PR got rejected. The rejection is of immense pain when your hard work goes off the road. The reason for my Canada PR rejection was the inability to arrange PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) as per the ...

Aptechvisa >> Rewrite IELTS

Nitya    Posted on : Wed, Jul 18 2018

I am highly greatful to whole Aptech team As choosing them out of so many options is going to be best decision so far.As Aptech more concern to fulfill our dream to reach Canada as when I was stuck in between as after rewriting so many times I was not eligible to get desired score they help me out with other options of PNP where my NOC was in demand and I easily get in that particular PNP accordin...

Aptechvisa >> Applied for Spousal Sponsorship for Canada

Veenu    Posted on : Tue, Jul 17 2018

Earlier my husband applied for Canada PR through Aptech Global and we must say that we got good services from the team. All the documents, visa application filing were met before time and within specified time, my husband got Canada PR with the help of Aptech Global. Extremely satisfied with the services, we decided to go for spousal sponsorship as well. After one year of my husband residing as Ca...

Aptechvisa >> Do you provide IELTS Coaching

Harsha    Posted on : Mon, Jul 16 2018

Hello, I am planning to migrate to Canada as permanent residence and was looking for good immigration consultancy for the same. There were many online but the one which I found genuine was Aptech Global. Going by their services I found that they also help in IELTS. Can anyone tell me, do Aptech Global provides coaching for IELTS? Waiting to get a reply soon, Thank You......

Aptechvisa >> Reprocessing of Case

Sulab    Posted on : Sat, Jul 14 2018

As of till now Aptech People were very helpful and cooperative but in later stages of my PR Application when I faced some money issue as due to my personal reason my father was hospitalized and request my full refund from their side they refused at that time but suggest me to hold the case and assured me to reprocess the case whenever I feel comfortable to restart my process again as I was highly ...

Aptechvisa >> Courier problem taken care by Aptech Global

Atul    Posted on : Sat, Jul 14 2018

Due to my busy schedule and inappropriate knowledge about document submission to WES for Educational Credential Assessment, my Canada PR case was getting delayed. Worriedly, I consulted my immigration agency Aptech Global and told them about my concern of not able to send the appropriate documents on time to WES. They were helpful in suggesting me that they will courier documents on my behalf prov...

Aptechvisa >> Kudos to Research and Development Team for arranging my interview

Roop    Posted on : Fri, Jul 13 2018

I would specially like to thank the research and development department of Aptech Global because of them I am able to land a job in Canada. The team arranged interviews on my behalf to the Canadian employers. This was their complimentary service and still they did it so wonderfully that I am beyond words. Actually, I was falling short of my language scores and with constant efforts of writing IELT...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global not only helped me in receiving my Canada PR but they also left no stone unturned in getting Canada Tourist visa for my mother.

Nutan    Posted on : Thu, Jul 12 2018

I have no words to express my gratitude towards Aptech Global for actually fulfilling our dream of going to Canada. I am 25 year old and applied for Canadian Permanent Residence, within stipulated time I received Canada PR. Being a homely girl who is not comfortable in going alone to foreign country and need some time to adjust, I suggested my mother to accompany me and hence, recommended to ap...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global helped me in arranging transcripts

Purohit    Posted on : Thu, Jul 12 2018

I have applied for Canadian Permanent Residence. Currently, residing in USA, I did my education from India. To apply for Educational Credential Assessment, I needed transcripts of my educational degree; unfortunately I do not have any relative or known person residing in India that can help me in arranging my transcripts. On top of that, my University does not have an online process of arranging t...

Aptechvisa >> Regarding Funds

Dhavaal    Posted on : Thu, Jul 12 2018

Thrilled to share my experience with Aptech Global as after fulfilling my eligibility criteria I want to process my PR Application further but due to insufficient funds may be I got rejection but Aptech people help me out in suggesting me ways how I can increase my funds and cooperate with me in each and every step of my application process. Aptech work as a well coordinated company and take care...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global sailed my boat in the last hour!

Hussain    Posted on : Wed, Jul 11 2018

I was enrolled with other immigration agency before coming to Aptech Global. As I had bad immigration experience with them, I decided to opt out from their services and instead came to Aptech Global. Since, my ECA and IELTS were done and ITA was also received, I was not comfortable in filing my visa application. The lack of knowledge of documents submission and other key documents requirement made...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global suggestion helped me to boost my CRS.

Prakash    Posted on : Wed, Jul 11 2018

I got enrolled with Aptech Global for the immigration services of Canada PR. I have bachelors degree and were pursuing masters at the time of ECA filing. Since, my part time masters were not completed, the case officer considered only bachelors degree for ECA and with that I was only eligible for Ontario Nomination Program. Later, after I told the case officer of my part time Master’s completion...

Aptechvisa >> I applied for Germany Tourist Visa

Jitendra    Posted on : Tue, Jul 10 2018

I was staying in New Zealand and came back to India to complete some important work. I wanted to apply for Germany Tourist Visa to be with my Girlfriend on her birthday and applied for the same through Aptech Global. The case officer was highly co-operative and patiently listens to my case. She asked me to arrange all the sponsorship documents through my Girlfriend that must be correct and true. O...

Aptechvisa >> I got to learn something new from Aptech Global

Vishal    Posted on : Mon, Jul 09 2018

I have availed the immigration services from Aptech Global for Canada PR. till now, my experience with them is good barring few roadblocks. The case manager helped me in sending documents to WES. She guided me in such a proper manner that I was able to send documents to WES with her constant support and correct guidance. To my surprise, I got positive ECA report and I would like to give credit to ...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global works according to your time convenience

Aanchal    Posted on : Mon, Jul 09 2018

I am a Chartered Accountant and owing to my busy schedule I am not able to arrange my CS degree. Hence, I asked for some time period from my immigration agency ‘Aptech Global’. Due to auditing and tight schedule, I am not only able to arrange my CS degree, also not able to give IELTS test. Hence, my ECA is getting delayed because of my problems. Aptech Global is kind enough to give me time til...

Aptechvisa >> Job Assistance Service

Partha    Posted on : Sat, Jul 07 2018

I am sharing my feedback on different services provided by Aptech Global which job assistance as complementary services. I would like to appreciate the information and advice regarding my Resume drafting & Cover letter given by R & D team of Aptech Global. Your advice was very helpful and gave me new perspective opportunity. I especially appreciate your offer to connect me with Canadian employers....


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