Aptechvisa >> I got my Australia student visa through Aptech Global

Jethan    Posted on : Fri, Jun 29 2018

Aptech Global is one of the few immigration consultancies in Delhi that actually provides honest guidance about your chances to go abroad be it on study, PR or travel visa. I applied for student visa Australia and for the same would like to thank Aptech Global team for extending their kind support in helping me to apply for Australia Student Visa. I got my student visa because of correct universit...

Aptechvisa >> Got my Canada tourist visa within 3 days

Noor Ahmad    Posted on : Fri, Jun 29 2018

Getting Canada tourist visa was extremely smooth ride for me-all thanks to Aptech Global. I got my tourist visa within 3 days of visa filing. I approached the immigration experts of Aptech Global; they asked me to arrange all the relevant and important documents that must be correct and true. The case manager told me to not produce any false information as I was having some problems in my funds se...

Aptechvisa >> Impressive service offered by Aptech Global

Akanksha    Posted on : Fri, Jun 29 2018

I got to know about Aptech Global online as I am from Bangladesh and have a Bangladesh passport, currently residing in USA. I contacted Aptech Global to know about work visa and my travel plans for Europe as I am planning to visit Europe soon. On asking about them for work visa, the immigration expert told me that they don’t deal in work visa, so I asked them about my second option that was trav...

Aptechvisa >> Applied for job seeker visa through Aptech Global

Kavita    Posted on : Thu, Jun 28 2018

I wanted to go on a job visa to Germany and after lot of patience and hard work; I finally got my Germany job seeker visa. While searching for the immigration agency on just dial, I found Aptech Global with 4.5 stars and good reviews. I contacted them for job seeker visa and very nicely the immigration expert explained me the whole process. She told me that I will have 6 month time period to searc...

Aptechvisa >> My profile is under Skill Select system

Debasish    Posted on : Wed, Jun 27 2018

Currently, my profile is under process for Australia Permanent residency visa subclass 189. I came in contact with the immigration expert ‘Aptech Global’ through my friend Megha, she is an old client of Aptech Global, now happily settled in Canada. She told me that Aptech Global are one of the best immigration consultancy in the industry and I should contact them for my Australia PR. Being my ...

Aptechvisa >> My Canada PR was a smooth ride

Piyush    Posted on : Mon, Jun 25 2018

I am a dentist and I was looking to migrate to Canada under Express Entry program. I applied for Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry. I contacted Aptech Global as one of my friend Mithilesh who was working here. The immigration consultant guided me to go for a technical evaluation where I scored 72 points out of 100. The consultant congratulated me and said that I have a strong prof...

Aptechvisa >> I have taken Skill Assessment test with help from Aptech Global

Ashwin Kumar    Posted on : Mon, Jun 25 2018

I have applied for Australia Subclass 189 visa through Aptech Global. I must say the immigration experts possess good knowledge about Australia PR process. They guided me in an efficient manner to help me understand the tricky Australia PR process. Consulting them, I gave my IELTS and scored 7 bands in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking. I took skill assessment test and my fil...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global gave me second hope for Canada PR

Parveen    Posted on : Mon, Jun 25 2018

Being duped by immigration consultancy with my hard-earned money, I was reluctant to consult another immigration consultancy because at the back of my mind I was dubious this time too. I had all the negative connotations with regards to my Canada PR. My aunt suggested me Aptech Global and she was telling me to consult this firm for quite some time. Trusting her, I visited Aptech Global and initial...

Aptechvisa >> I landed at Aptech Global through Quora

Debjani    Posted on : Sat, Jun 23 2018

I applied for Canada PR through Aptech Global. Well, I got to know about them through Quora portal. I was going through my account in search of a particular question when I saw their answer on Canada PR. I contacted them at the number mentioned on the answer. The immigration officer very nicely explained me whole process of Canada PR and suggested me to go for technical evaluation. This process he...

Aptechvisa >> Provides honest consultation for rejected visas

Vipin    Posted on : Sat, Jun 23 2018

I was deeply broke when my PR was rejected for the first time. I did all possible efforts to get a positive reply from the immigration department but all went vain. Later, Mr Abhishek Sharma, one of my friend who is already in Canada recommended me Aptech Global as he took the services from Aptech visa for his Canada PR. trusting him, I went to their office that is situated in West Delhi area....

Aptechvisa >> Social Media helped me in connecting with Aptech Global

Satyam    Posted on : Fri, Jun 22 2018

I contacted Aptech Global by going through my Facebook feed. There was this post regarding Canada PR immigration. I was already looking out for a consultancy for my PR process. I called up on the number mentioned in the post. The visa counselor clarified my doubts and suggested me to go for technical evaluation that helped me in getting a clear picture about my Canada PR chances. After being satis...

Aptechvisa >> Not all registered firms are good lesson learnt

Aditi    Posted on : Fri, Jun 22 2018

I always thought that only those immigration agencies are genuine which are IRCC registered for Canada PR. So, I was always running behind those consultancy for my Canada PR. I found one exactly like my taste but was highly disappointed when I found out that it was their method of gaining trust and they do nothing to help you with your Canada PR. As luck was on my side I suppose, my friend was als...

Aptechvisa >> Choosing aptech global for my australia pr was the best Decision of my life

Malini    Posted on : Thu, Jun 21 2018

Choosing Aptech Global as my immigration consultancy for my Australia PR was the best decision of my life. The consultants provided the best perfect guidance and support which I genuinely needed in my PR process. The consultant quick and prompt backing helped me in getting my PR on time....

Aptechvisa >> I had the most seamless experience with Aptech Global

Amun    Posted on : Thu, Jun 21 2018

My experience with Aptech Global for my Australia PR is totally seamless. The level of knowledge and expertise which the counselors have is beyond words. Their step by step guidance helped me in getting my Australia PR for subclass 189 on time. They also put extra efforts in maintaining warm personal relations throughout the immigration process...

Aptechvisa >> I am highly thankful to Aptech Global for helping me in Australia PR process

Sonal    Posted on : Wed, Jun 20 2018

I applied for Australia visa subclass 190 last year and was very frightened as what will be my result, will I be able to receive ITA or not? Then, my friend recommended me Aptech Global, and on believing him, I hired Aptech Global as my immigration consultant. Trust me that was surely the best decision I had made, their step by step guidance helped me in getting Australia PR in less time frame. T...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global gave me wings to fly

Neeraj    Posted on : Wed, Jun 20 2018

I am highly grateful to Aptech Global team for their enormous support and help in my Australia Permanent Residency process. It is due to their continuous and extensive guidance that I am now a permanent residency holder of Australia. Thank you Aptech Global! I wish you all the success....

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global is very supportive and helpful

Sudhir    Posted on : Mon, Jun 18 2018

Aptech Global was very supportive right from the start of my Australia PR process. The experts here provided me a clear idea about the best possible route for my Australia PR. The promptness in their answers truly showed their confidence of dealing with so many immigration cases. Highly commendable!...

Aptechvisa >> Got my PR last week

Jithin    Posted on : Mon, Jun 18 2018

Canada has always been my dream. I just thank to Aptech Global for taking care of this dream. They helped me when I was myself unsure if I ever would be able to get a PR visa of Canada. They encouraged me a lot to re-write my IELTS exam, helped me with excellent study material which actually helped me to improve my scores. The result is now in front of me. I got my PR last week and I am very glad...

Aptechvisa >> Efforts done by Aptech Visa for My Australia PR, My Thanks is not enough

Gurvinder Singh    Posted on : Sat, Jun 16 2018

Here I want to share my overall experience with Aptech. Initially, things were not on their path as I was not interested in the process but when I felt that things are going on positively then I built my interest in this process. Thanks a lot to the whole team of Aptech Global and Management for their efforts in getting my Australian Permanent Residency visa. The team portrayed qualified, wel...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global is the best immigration consultancy for australia pr

Nirupma    Posted on : Sat, Jun 16 2018

Aptech Global is the best immigration consultancy for Australia PR. The immigration experts know the Australian Permanent Residency process in detail and are well- equipped with latest immigration rules and policies of Australia PR. I applied for New South Wales Nomination program under subclass 190 through Aptech Global. I got my PR within the stipulated time period. The case officer held my hand...


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