Aptechvisa >> Satisfactory services provided

Nehal    Posted on : Mon, Sep 10 2018

Great company superb guidance, All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. As everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Aptech global Immigration to all who wishes to move to Canada. Thank u so much for your support and guidance in getting my visa approved on time.I am satisfied with services....

Aptechvisa >> Sharing Good Experience

Paramjit    Posted on : Mon, Sep 10 2018

I have applied for PR visa for my daughter in law ,The staff is really courteous and helpful .The processing time is very quick ,as I specially thank my consultant to guided me well and also my case officer ,she did a commendable job .Thanks all for the support and guidance. Hoping to get PR visa in future. It was good experience throughout. ...

Aptechvisa >> Knowledgeable team

shifali    Posted on : Sat, Sep 08 2018

Aptech global is one of the wonderful company. The team is great and very supportive in all aspects. However, management here work really hard to complete whole process and help in every aspect as recently I got approval of my Canada PR. The staff here is knowledgeable and and helped me to get visa approval. I personally like to thank my case officer and consultant to guide me well and .help in f...

Aptechvisa >> Dedicated company

Sumita    Posted on : Fri, Sep 07 2018

To start with, the most amazing part of Aptech Global is it does not let you feel like any other immigration company. It works like a whole team. It gives the feeling that one is in safe hands. For their work they are highly acknowledged, appreciated each employee be it consultant, case officer and Manager do their part at best with lots of conviction and dedication. ...

Aptechvisa >> Regarding PR Skills

gurpreet    Posted on : Fri, Sep 07 2018

Lots of small things I need to add in my journey with Aptech Global. They co-operated very well with each client as a team and provide with quick response to solve each query exceptionally well. As per my experience I find it very smooth and pleasant journey so far. As filing for my PR I had issue regarding NOC but discussion with their Manager it was sorted out I highly appreciate their PR skill...

Aptechvisa >> Regarding PR Skills

gunpreet    Posted on : Thu, Sep 06 2018

Lots of small things I need to add in my journey with Aptech Global. They co-operated very well with each client as a team and provide with quick response to solve each query exceptionally well. As per my experience I find it very smooth and pleasant journey so far. As filing for my PR I had issue regarding NOC but discussion with their Manager it was sorted out I highly appreciate their PR skill...

Aptechvisa >> Best Immigration Company

Sanjai    Posted on : Wed, Sep 05 2018

As in the beginning I was a little apprehensive about approaching immigration companies for PR but when I approach Aptech Global and have direct meeting with one of their counselor the moment she started explaining as I found it really genuine company. The staff out there is really helpful and well systematic in their approach and make us comfortable and provide services in time.Team out their mak...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global has prompt services!

Chetan    Posted on : Fri, Aug 24 2018

First of all, I am highly thankful to Aptech Global for helping me in getting ITA on time. It was due to their efficient way of working that I got ITA even when they were extremely busy in shifting their office recently. Above that, I was expecting to get ITA in August 8, 2018 draw. I was worried about my result that whether I would be able to receive ITA or not. Thus, I decided to contact them bu...

Aptechvisa >> Query Regarding PNP Program

Shenu    Posted on : Tue, Aug 21 2018

Can I am eligible to receive ITA if I have already filed my application in any other PNP?...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global helped me time and again with my Canada PR case

Harneet Kaur    Posted on : Mon, Aug 20 2018

I got invitation to apply from the Canadian government but my ITA got rejected as I was unable to produce relevant documents within 60 days and this was totally my fault. The immigration agency rigorously asked me produces the documents and warned me about the rejection of ITA if I am unable to get documents and thus, they were right! My ITA got rejected and my file was out of the pool. I requeste...

Aptechvisa >> Query regarding ECA body

Aman    Posted on : Mon, Aug 13 2018

I am a family physician by profession. Please suggest me the assessing body to get my educational credential assessment test done....

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global was dedicated active and honest with my PR case

Gurdeep    Posted on : Sat, Aug 04 2018

I am an overseas worker and applied for Australia PR with the help of Aptech Global. As I am always out of the country for some work or other, it was nearly impossible for me to coordinate and file for Australia PR visa application on my own. Thus, I took help from the experts! They take cared of every little thing from visa application filing to documentation and sent regular updates to me. For n...

Aptechvisa >> Query regarding educational qualification

sumit121122    Posted on : Thu, Aug 02 2018

Can someone guide me about educational qualification consideration for Canada PR? I have done bachelors in commerce along with Chartered Accountancy. Will my both degree count or none or any one? Please revert as soon as possible....

Aptechvisa >> Suffered problem in first stage of Canada PR rest went smooth with Aptech Global

Srinivasa    Posted on : Wed, Aug 01 2018

I would like to appreciate the immigration experts of Aptech Global for helping me in passing the Canada PR. However, there was a problem in conducting Educational Credential Assessment test. My graduation degree was recognized by WES but unfortunately my master’s degree was not recognized by WES. I was shattered because I thought my hopes are gone in vain. This is the first step for Canada PR a...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech converted negative skill assessment to positive report

Tenzin    Posted on : Tue, Jul 31 2018

I filed for Australia PR on my own first as I was confident enough to get through immigration process of Australia easily. I thought that this is just a cake walk! My over confidence was shattered into pieces when in first stage of Skill Assessment through Engineers Australia, I got to know that my skill assessment has come negative because of qualification and work experience factors that I filed...

Aptechvisa >> Immigration Process

Amaan    Posted on : Tue, Jul 31 2018

Aptech global one company working as a team. Help in each every step in detailed manner and willing to provide support till last process as I was little confuse as I have no idea of the process but these people help me out in fulfilling my dream start from arranging my transcripts as I was very busy with my work and while taking care of my documentation while arranging for our medicals in later st...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global reluctance of not refunding money got me Canada PR

HARLEEN    Posted on : Tue, Jul 31 2018

I must say Aptech Global is efficient and effective in handling PR cases. They handled my Canada PR case with utmost generosity. I got CLB7 and was reluctant to re-write again at the same time, I was pissed off too with low scores and CLB 398 overall. I asked for a refund from Aptech Global as I was not eligible for any of the province. So, instead of refunding my money back, the case officers for...

Aptechvisa >> Aptech Global saved me form PR rejection

IQBAL    Posted on : Sat, Jul 28 2018

I would sincerely like to thank and apologise to Aptech Global. Thank you for saving my case with your expertise and in-depth PR filing analysis and sorry for hiding my relationship status that could have let to my Canada PR rejection. I am 38 years old and filed for Express Entry program with the help of Aptech Global. My biggest mistake was that I did not disclosed my marital status as I thought...

Aptechvisa >> Documentation Handling

Asheesh    Posted on : Sat, Jul 28 2018

As per my journey with Aptech people is well coordinated and they have employees having full knowledge of PR process and make client understood all the process step by step their follow up with clients are exceptional and well appreciated as when I approach them when I started my case then I submitted all required documents for screening but at the time of filing of my express entry I gave passpor...

Aptechvisa >> For Canada Tourist Visa do I need sponsor

Brown    Posted on : Sat, Jul 28 2018

do I require to have a known connection to apply for Canada Tourist Visa? Does it affect the visa approval chances?...


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