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Aptechvisa >> Wants to appreciate Relationship Building Skills of my case officer

Nimisha    Posted on : Tue, Oct 23 2018

I had a good experience untill now with the process. My Case Officer have been really helpful and would go an extra mile to accomplish and extract every information needed. I have already recommended a couple of my friends to Aptech only because of the service provided by you. I would not hesitate to share my doubts or feedbacks or inputs with you regarding the process because you have made it s...

Aptechvisa >> Got invitation

Maitrai    Posted on : Tue, Oct 23 2018

It is an honour for me to give feedback for Aptech global immigration services. I really want to thank you and your team for the help and support that you all have provided me till now for immigration process. I am quite happy to work with you and your team and indeed it was my one of the best decisions to choose Aptech services for immigration. I am quite satisfied with the way you have served me...

Aptechvisa >> Job guidance

Tanmay    Posted on : Mon, Oct 22 2018

I would like to share my experience with Aptech Global, I wanted to say thanks to my counsellor and case officer for my tourist visa for Canada they all put their efforts to guide us how to crack job interviews, and its really worked out. its been always a pleasure to work with their entire team, As the whole team is always there to serve best services regarding job search. As you all rocks....

Aptechvisa >> best knowledge

Prabha    Posted on : Mon, Oct 22 2018

So far best services provided by one of the best consultancy and experience was absolutely fantastic.Consultancy is very helpful for my Canada PR services ,It gave me true guidance.Thank you very much as without their guidance I will not able to be successful in particular process I will give them 5 star rating in terms of documentation and processing and complete knowledge. ...

Aptechvisa >> Success rate

Krishnav    Posted on : Mon, Oct 22 2018

It has been a great and rewarding experience with Aptech Global when I started planning for my immigration process I approched them through one of my friend. Aptech team is very supportive, helping and Had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process. Their experience have always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further with my application. They are...

Aptechvisa >> Best consultancy

Shikha    Posted on : Sat, Oct 20 2018

Aptech Global has great sense of responsibility towards their clients, they superb guidance and support regarding documentation is exceptional.I would recommend anyone to go to Aptech Global if they are trying to apply for a Canada PR. Kudos to Aptech Global for setting an example in the field of immigration services consulting. Highly recommend them to all my friends who wish to settle abroad in...

Aptechvisa >> Diligent in taking care of the cases

Balvinder    Posted on : Wed, Oct 17 2018

I am feeling good to work with you all. The positives are - 1) quick response and promptness in taking action and communicating back and forth. 2) Always approachable and reachable, 3) Nice people to work with, 4) Diligent in taking care of the cases and be patient will all the queries. Keep doing the good work, and keep me informed about the progress. Wish you all good luck! ...

Aptechvisa >> build my dream to settle in Canada

Prabhu    Posted on : Wed, Oct 17 2018

First of all I would like to thank you for helping me building my dream to settle in Canada. You people really work as a team in a professional manner. I really appreciate you for updating me in every single step. Initially my consultant and then my case officer who guided me through the whole process and made me believe to achieve what I am looking for. Till ECA the process has been done as of no...

Aptechvisa >> Best Approach

Harshad    Posted on : Wed, Oct 17 2018

My Process with Aptech Global exceptionally well. Team guided me very well in applying PR Visa.They are well disciplined, polite and very precise in their approach. I would rate them 5 for their excellent support and guidence. In future I would recommend my colleagues to them and thanks Aptech Global for all your help & support....

Aptechvisa >> Exceptional Query handling

Brajesh    Posted on : Tue, Oct 16 2018

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Aptech Immigration Services one of the professional and client oriented organisation I have taken services from, very particular for their clients and their query handling is exceptional and do all possible efforts to reach out to their clients according to their need as getting PR is process and one must have patience to reach their goal and I wi...

Aptechvisa >> Regarding Application

Brajesh    Posted on : Tue, Oct 16 2018

Aptech Global is one of the best immigration company as when I was searching for Canada PR as due to my low CRS I thought I was ineligible to apply for Canada PR but when I approach one of my friend regarding my immigration he guided me to go for Aptech Global. They guided me very well towards PR visa as they take care of my application and their follow up is excellent and they work towards our a...

Aptechvisa >> best counselling

Shivaang    Posted on : Mon, Oct 15 2018

The best thing i liked about Aptech Global is their detailed knowledge and advice right from the counselling to the process of filing for visa and passing the IELTS exam ,choosing the immigration package best suited to my professional qualification and most importantly making me understand the basic pros and cons of immigration regarding Canada, I highly recommend them to anyone willing to go for ...

Aptechvisa >> Trustworthy company

Mirza    Posted on : Wed, Oct 10 2018

I have full trust on Aptech Global as I have met many consultant before contacting Aptech Global but none of them gave me authentic information like this, the team is so knowledgeable trustworthy and follow rules and regulation on time as this is their trademark.......which should remain like this and help in getting Canada PR on time ...

Aptechvisa >> Highly Immpressive

Nitika    Posted on : Wed, Oct 10 2018

I would highly appreciate services provided by Aptech Global as intially i was not confident of my profile but when someone recommend me to Aptech Global at very first my immpression of the company was very good and they work as a whole team to get our Canada PR on top priority as with the help of their efficient team i am able to reach my goal...

Aptechvisa >> Best documentation

Nitika    Posted on : Wed, Oct 10 2018

As you are aware, the Immigration Authorities keep changing their rules on regular intervals and the company has absolutely no control on it so we request you to support us by giving us the required documentation at the earliest to avoid any complications due to future rule changes or quota reached...

Aptechvisa >> Best Information

Lavanya    Posted on : Wed, Oct 10 2018

When I connected with Aptech Global who tried handling my Canada PR visa application but I got astonished by the information they provided on the websites, this is when my friend recommended me to contact them as he got his PR visa from them. Once I enrolled myself with them I realized that without their help and support I would have never been able to achieve my dream. Their experienced staff gu...

Aptechvisa >> Trustworthy company

vishaka    Posted on : Tue, Oct 09 2018

I have full trust on Aptech Global as I have met many consultant before contacting Aptech Global but none of them gave me authentic information like this, the team is so knowledgeable trustworthy and follow rules and regulation on time as this is their trademark.......which should remain like this and help in getting Canada PR on time ...

Aptechvisa >> Super skilled team

Ganeshswami    Posted on : Fri, Oct 05 2018

I am lucky enough to have come to visit Aptech Global. Initially it seemed so tough to get the help of a visa consultancy ,Counselling of Canada procedure is extremely beneficial for me,As due to the efforts of the counselors and whole team out there I will give them full 5 stars…..for their best services. ...

Aptechvisa >> rEGARDING sKILLS

Sagrika    Posted on : Mon, Oct 01 2018

Aptech Global is best among all the immigration I approached,It is placed at top as the team out here is very easy going with the process and cover all areas related to Canada PR as they have shown tremendous growth in their field without their help i would not able to acheive my goal to reach Canada....

Aptechvisa >> Brilliant Means Of Comminication- Good Job Aptech Visa

Tanimomo    Posted on : Sat, Sep 29 2018

I would recommend your firm to others – you have a dedicated staff and superb. I was regularly informed about the progress and status of my case. It does not matter that the firm is located in New Delhi (I’m in Nigeria); I would recommend your firm for any immigration matter....


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