Aptechvisa >> I would like to share my experience with Aptech

Jitender    Posted on : Thu, Sep 20 2018

First of all big thank you for guiding us about the process till ECA. Really waiting for the day when we will actually get Canada PR. It’s been a wonderful experience till now. Admin has been really supportive and responsive about the enquiries. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the support and guidance. ...

Aptechvisa >> GOOD Team

gurpreen    Posted on : Thu, Sep 20 2018

Its amazing to choose Aptech Global to complete my PR process. As earlier due to some reason my Canada PR visa got rejected but with the full support of team, I am able to achieve my goals. I am happy for all the help extended to me by the able counsellors and case officers of Aptech Global. ...

Aptechvisa >> Regarding Filing

vineet    Posted on : Thu, Sep 20 2018

Aptech Global is one consultancy with so much of experience and has great regard for its clients. All its counselors helped me when I went there for getting advice for Canada immigration. They helped me get my job done. They helped me in filing the right documentation at the right time. ...

Aptechvisa >> Impressive services

Jawahar    Posted on : Thu, Sep 20 2018

Thanks Aptech Global team for excellent work they did on my Canada PR application , I was in search of perfectionist with their professionalism and knowledge I find one good company. They provide guidance and work hard for success as I was impressed with their services and want to get approval for my PR visa with their help and support and want to give them 5 stars…… for their services. ...

Aptechvisa >> Best Services

Neeru    Posted on : Mon, Sep 17 2018

I would like to thank personally Aptech Global for providing best services and have shown patience in dealing with my profile, As their support is appreciable. Thanks to my Case officer for explaining the process in the best way and assisting me during the entire PR process...

Aptechvisa >> Proffesional Approach

harmin    Posted on : Mon, Sep 17 2018

Applied for the Canada PR with Aptech Immigration Services, it was totally worth to hire them. As my consultant and case officer they both work diligently to process my visa application at each stage on time and due to their professional approach and hard work I am able to get my visa on time , thank you so much Aptech Global for getting my dream come true and make it possible very smoothly....

Aptechvisa >> Capable team

Harminder    Posted on : Sat, Sep 15 2018

I was never sure that I could migrate to Canada without going through any hassles but Aptech made it easy and was all done for me by the gifted and highly capable counselors and Case officers. They make me understood how to file my case when I met them for the first time. There was so much that they did for me and highly obliged for their wonderful services. ...

Aptechvisa >> Best teamwork

Himanshi    Posted on : Sat, Sep 15 2018

Aptech Global is one of the consultancy when I connect to them I get great help. I am happy with the complete team of Aptech Global who undertook the entire charge of settling my visa issue and help in completing visa process on time and take account of my whole process and update me on weekly basis with my application. ...

Aptechvisa >> Best Services

Simranjeet    Posted on : Sat, Sep 15 2018

As I was looking for perfection in visa and immigration procedure .So I would undoubtedly recommend the name of Aptech Global with their result oriented services to their clients for so many years perfectly. The supportive team helps in every step and provides the best of consultancy services in this industry. I am sure they would help many by continuing their services like this in future also…...

Aptechvisa >> Smooth Processing

Asmit    Posted on : Sat, Sep 15 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and sincerity during my Immigration process. Aptech global looked into the details of my application and solved the issues timely which needed attention. All my queries regarding filing process were resolved on time, Full marks for their hard work and patience. Keep up the good work!!! ...

Aptechvisa >> Dedicated team

Sharafat    Posted on : Thu, Sep 13 2018

Aptech Global is a consultancy that can ensure that you can get the best of immigration services. I got my Canada PR visa through them.They are highly dedicated team and immigration experts and guide every client depending on their requirement be it Canada PR or tourist visa. Aptech Global provide you all the consultation that you require with regards to immigration and visa formalities. ...

Aptechvisa >> Helping hand

Ashima    Posted on : Thu, Sep 13 2018

I am a proud client of Aptech Global who made my Canada immigration application got approved. It seemed so difficult to get this visa without their help as to get this we need to cross many steps like ECA(educational credential assessment),Express Entry etc are involved in the application for Canada immigration. As I am highly obliged to whole Aptech family....

Aptechvisa >> Regarding step by step

Raghuvir    Posted on : Thu, Sep 13 2018

Its amazing to approach Aptech Global to get PR for Canada. As my application accepted and filed correctly by excellent team out there and involved in each and every process step by step and help me in getting my PR done and fulfil my desire to go to Canada....

Aptechvisa >> Expertise in PR process

Rohin    Posted on : Wed, Sep 12 2018

Aptech Global Immigration is expertise in visa processing. They are assisting people in fulfilling their dream to achieve their goal to reach Canada. I am so happy that team out here guided me so rightly as far as Canada immigration is concerned. I didn’t know that Canada immigration has become so easy after approaching them and none of my time got wasted after coordinating with them...

Aptechvisa >> Cooperative behaviour

sarita    Posted on : Tue, Sep 11 2018

As Aptech Global provide good services to each and every client and help in every step by providing updated IELTS Material to complete transcript procedure by taking regular follow up with clients on weekly basis and have complete knowledge of PR process and are highly enthusiastic to solve any type of problem. They also provide services after landing in Canada also at very nominal charges. Aptec...

Aptechvisa >> PNP Programmes

Preet    Posted on : Tue, Sep 11 2018

I am very fortunate to choose Aptech as a step to achieve my goal to reach Canada as age factor was not with my side and I approached many immigration company but I was not eligible to apply but these people guided me to apply for provincial programmes as before that I do not have any information regarding PNP but they make me understood eligibility criteria and calculated my scores according to m...

Aptechvisa >> Good Experience

Tanya    Posted on : Tue, Sep 11 2018

I have applied for PR visa for my daughter in law ,The staff is really courteous and helpful .The processing time is very quick ,as I specially thank my consultant to guided me well and also my case officer ,she did a commendable job .Thanks all for the support and guidance. Hoping to get PR visa in future. It was good experience throughout....

Aptechvisa >> Getting quick visa

kajal    Posted on : Tue, Sep 11 2018

Great company superb guidance, All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. As everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Aptech global Immigration to all who wishes to move to Canada. Thank u so much for your support and guidance in working on my visa application as I am satisfied with services till date. ...

Aptechvisa >> Handling International Client

Manisha    Posted on : Mon, Sep 10 2018

Superb immigration team!! I am satisfied with the kind of professional service the team has given me as I am international client I reside in USA and from there only I am contacted by one of the counselor of Aptech Global as from phone counselling to case processing, everything was done systematically by them. My case was handled case officers and It is because of her constant efforts and hard wor...

Aptechvisa >> Highly professional

surjeet    Posted on : Mon, Sep 10 2018

I had amazing experience with Aptech Global as when I met consultant she helped me and give me detailed information ,and case officer is professionally extremely competent have hands on experience with the PR processes.As I have wonderful and hassle free experience with these guys they all rocks!!! Team is highly professional and have patience to give full knowledge throughout PR process ...


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